Sugar Daddy Apps for Android Mobiles in 2020 - Dating Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby on Your Phone

Sugar daddy dating apps provide the professional arrangement dating features to users seeking mutually beneficial relationship. If you are looking for your sugar daddy or sugar baby nearby, download the app on your mobile and take a try.

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    SDM App


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    The most effective and professional sugar daddy dating app

    Sugar daddy dating is in trend and there are a lot of wealthy magnates who want to date the hottest of sugar babies to make sure that they could spice up the romance in their life. This is why there is a flurry of options when it comes to sugar daddy dating and Sugar Daddy Meet is one of the top ones among them. Such is the prolific popularity of Sugar Daddy Meet that they have both the website and the app version. Let us see how good the app truly is and whether it is a good place to find the right sugar daddies and babies as the case may be.

    Ease of use
    The app has been designed to offer remarkable ease of use. When you are navigating through the app, you will find all the features at a glance. This infers that you are not going to face difficulty whatsoever when it comes to using the app. No prior experience is needed and even older men who might not be too familiar with technology should be able to easily make the most of this app.

    The features
    The Sugar Daddy Meet app comes loaded with several different features. The basic feature which is finding the right profile is very easy as it is based on the concept of swiping right. Every time you like a profile, swipe right. If the other person does the same, it would be a match and you can proceed and try your luck.

    Similarly, you have the option of choosing the first date gift. This is a great way to break the ice and also sugar daddies can use it to impress their prospective dates and create an everlasting impression.

    Searching filters
    When you are looking to find prospective dates, a lot of men have several different criteria they want to implement. This is why the app offers you several different search filter options which you can use to ensure that you can skim through the wide list of active verified profiles and then look for the ones you are likely to date.

    The success score
    There are plenty of people who have been hooked to this app and there are endless success stories that prove that people have been able to find the right match. Both sugar daddies and babies seem to have benefitted from this app.

    The scope for improvement
    Despite the positives, the app could use improvement in both the features and the design. It could be made a lot more attractive and new and modern features can be integrated as well. The provision to have a video chat, follow-ups, interactive chat, and more is a part of the prospect which can be added.

    Overall, the Sugar Daddy Meet app seems to be a decent one and it is more suited for sugar daddies who want to seek the right sexy ladies who can add some spice to their otherwise boring bedroom life.

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    MM App


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    The most effective and professional Rich Men dating app

    Millionaires have a unique taste in everything. The requirements set them apart, and often they seek high standards in everything they wish to buy or own. The very same thing is applicable when it comes to dating. Rich men dating turn to elite platforms that give them access to attractive singles from different locations across the globe. Launched in the year 2001, concentrates on bringing rich and wealthiest single individuals aboard on to the platform. Members include CEOs, doctors, lawyers, professional models, and other celebrities.

    Unlike the sugar daddy website, the app of is unusually intriguing and offers on-the-go search for users. The elegant user interface provides all the needs that one would expect from a well-established site and serving the elite category. Navigating through the application is simple and gives all the features that make it simple for users to browse the available profiles with ease. Even those with no prior experience and the older affluent can easily make the best out of the application.

    Available features
    The features make it simple for girls looking for sugar daddy to notice them with ease. For instance, the application displays possible matches based on profile completion and shared interests between two people. The robust algorithm helps in finding people with ease. Likewise, the developer opted for the leading tech giant to ensure that the application is devoid of bugs and provides the best user experience when compared with other dating apps.

    Features also include ice breakers, which are great for those who feel shy or have no clue on how to initiate communication with a person. These features are available for paid members alone and those who sign-up with the platform have to purchase a membership to ensure they reap plentiful benefits offered by the app.

    What makes the app a success?
    Elite matching is no joke, as not every millionaire signs up with dating apps. However, app stands out from the rest because of success stories evolved over the last 18 years. It is possible for successful and attractive people to find, meet, and chat quality individuals. The app helps in discovering singles, connect with certified individuals, chat online, receive counseling from dating advisor, and instant help when needed. The success rate is high, and most of the dates lead to marriages.

    Rich men dating prefer dating wealthier and attractive opposites. They also expect the details they provide to remain private at all times. MillionaireMatch is not a regular dating app, as it caters to the millionaire’s club. It placed all the required security protocols in place along with encryption to ensure that none of the details are accessible by a third-party. Furthermore, the company does not sell or share the database of the members, which is a collective action by many of the dating platforms.

    One in five relationships starts with online dating. It is time to join the trusted app and start browsing profiles of millions of millionaires from different parts of the globe.

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    Seeking App


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    The world's largest and leading sugar daddy dating app

    When you are hooked to sugar dating, you may always be on the lookout for some of the best apps which can help you seek the right sugar dating arrangements. is one such site which has a great android app. It is important to keep an eye out for how useful this app truly is to assess whether or not you should sign up on the app.

    The interface has an android only app and the interface which it offers is quite decent. However, there are too many users who have complained that the app is overall slow. The designing is minimal but it surely could use some improvement as users wanted to get more out of the system.

    The profiles
    There are plenty of fake profiles as there is no specific way to filter out the different members. Despite that, you will still find plenty of real profiles. The app seems to have a lot more sugar babies in comparison to sugar daddies. This is because it is completely free of cost for sugar babies, but sugar daddies need to pay for the subscription charges for the sake of reading and even responding to messages. They can, however, send up to ten messages for free.

    The searching options
    When you are using the app, you will be able to use different filters for the sake of finding the different profiles. However, once again, we feel that the app could surely use a significant amount of improvement. With the provision to apply successive filters, you may be able to narrow down the options and look out for the specific type of date. This being said, there are a lot of better apps out there which have better search options and much more specific results.

    Notification alerts
    While there is the right system in place to pop the notifications and all, yet the interface isn’t as smooth as it should be. Sometimes, despite replying to the message, the notification may still be there and this can be a little irritating for the users.

    Membership fee
    The membership fee for sugar daddies can be very steep and this is why the site only seems to have an abundance of sugar babies. Further, such is the condition that sometimes appear more of a borderline prostitution app rather than a dating site. Some girls have signed up on the site who are willing to offer one night stands rather than looking for a meaningful sugar dating relationship.

    So, overall, the reviews seem to be average and mixed. Some people have managed to find the best dates and even continue with them for a prolonged period. However, one cannot ignore the fact that the app comes with its own set of drawbacks and there is a lot of possibility of improvements. The smoothness of the app can be improved. The app surely seems to hang a great deal and a UI makeover plus a profile verification system could do a world of good.

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